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Sydney - another great view

Manly Wharf

Back with Sydney girls Jordan & Anna - I've got a 'tude...!

Gus the birthday boy, with Sam, Daniel and some other dude!

Dinner with our Sydney mates..

So, here we are! :-) Almost a year after arriving in Australia we are back where we wonderful Sydney. Summer is just starting so it's the perfect time to be back. We're sharing a flat with our lovely friends Jordan and Daniel again and Sam found a job easy-peasy back at the Party hire company he worked at before - and I'm still looking....... We are applying to extend our visa's as the government brought out some new leglislation making it possible to get another year if you have worked for 3 months fruit picking! So all the apples and tomatoes and dirt and mud (aaah) paid off - yay! - we hope... We'll only stay a few extra months though. The plan is to stay here unti just before xmas before heading down to Melbourne to visit our mates Dickie and Becks.

We're finally up to date with photo's on this site but as you can see the text isn't quite there yet (only 12 months out of date!!) - we're working on it though - should be done by 2006 :-))))

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