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we got a few inches the other night, and the temperature is staying around 25 or so. it looks and feels like i expected russia to look and feel like. they say it will only get colder from this point on until spring. it will also get colder as we head east on the train across siberia. we are limited in what we can carry with us as far as clothes are concerned. we are staying warm, but it will take our bodies some time to adapt to the weather. i have mountains of winter gear sitting at my parents house in texas. alot of good it does there. i feel so unprepared and ill-equipped. i think it will make me tougher, having to do without all of my fancy, technical equipment.

one thing is for sure, these people are in serious need of rubber boots. what i wouldnt give to have mine here right now. oh, to be able to tromp through puddles and slushy snow instead of having to tip-toe around it! my family, especially you lindsay, knows exactly what im talking about. alaskans live in their XtraTufs (brand of rubber boots common in Alaska), they wear them like slippers and are referred to as "alaskan tennis shoes". i feel naked without them.

but ill tell you one thing, its time. its time to grow some facial insulation. its time to let the razor collect dust. its russia, its winter and its cold. how can i not have a beard? as far as i know, the chinese arent hairy people. if i wouldnt have stood out before, i certainly will now.

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