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The mask and snorkel

The beautiful waters of the great barrier reef.

The dark patches in the photo are parts of the reef, teaming...

I'm mad me!

Ange doing her best impession of Bono!

One of the seven wonders of the world!! Something like 2,000 km in length, the great barrier reef is without doubt truely amazing! We first thought of it as one big, long reef, which was all connected. But in fact it's actually lots of seperate reefs which combine to make up the Great Barrier reef, kind of like loads of undersea islands. Whilst we were swimming/snorkelling here, we saw all manner of fish, turtles, stingrays etc, and a couple of people we were with saw sharks, but we didn't. Thank god!! Had a great day on the boat and returned to Cairns in the evening for a few drinks and dinner, then set off the next morning for our next destination......

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