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We head for the land of the rising sun

Welcome to smoggy Beijing

Can anyone see me bike

Beijing shopping

Chinese fan dancing

Come fly me kite mate

Our first proper Chinese meal - sweet `n` sour chicken

Have dog will travel

Irish breakfast?

The oldest rocker in town

Things are strangely familiar here

Brian's breakfast

our first Chinese Market

Chinese architecture

Hello folks!

Well we made it safe and sound to smoggy Beijing. After a few problems getting photos uploaded, Brian (my hero) sorted it out.

We took the first couple of days to orient ourselves around the city of 14 million people and 9 million bicycles before meeting the tour group. Check out Brian's first meal of sweet and sour chicken followed by our tasty breakfast. Can you figure out what's what?

The fan dancing was an adventure in the park that we came across. Loads of locals were stretching and doing ti chi to music. These ladies were using fans while others used swords. We were eventually stopped by some men playing cards quite energetically who asked us how tall we were. Using sign language, we compared all the differences between them and us and all had a great laugh.

It's all been a bit strange but exciting - overwhelming on all the senses. We've adjusted to the food and time change but learn something new everyday! We've even got good at our bartering when out in the markets.

The group we are with are a lot of fun - a mix of ages and nationalities as you'll see in our next entry.

Hope all is well back home - Stephanie, congrats on your baby boy and congrats Chris on your new job! Thanks to everyone who has been sending us messages from home! We're loving them...

Lots of love


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