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recently, at the orphanage, we met an american missionary family. Brad and Alex have lived here in yaroslavl, with two children, off and on for about ten years. they are fluent russian speakers. last friday, we attended a bible study they were having for the children at the orphanage. we sang songs and heard the story of Noahs ark, all in russian. they invited us to church on sunday morning, and we were happy to attend. its a very simple meeting, much like the Lords Supper meeting at our home church. there were only about 20 people there in the apartment we met in, and a few children. there were a few men and many more old women, who all seemed to be widows...Babushkas. sally and i were introduced and we explained why we were there. they were very supportive and excited to have us. we sang hyms out of hymnals, took the cup and broke bread, took a ten minute break and then there was a teaching time. we discussed servanthood. i was very surprised at how well they knew the bible. Brad taught, and was kind enough to translate a little so i could keep up in my english bible. when the meeting was over, we stayed and talked and then went home.

it was very encouraging for sally and i to be there. i imagine that the early church met in much the same way. it was also interesting to think about the fact that maybe, just maybe, this is how people met under the rule of communism, when it was forbidden to study the bible or even believe in God. i wouldnt be surprised if it was similar to this. fortunately, these people are free to beleive what they want, and worship as they please now that communism has fallen. when you pray, thank God for the opportunity for sally and i to attend this meeting and meet these missionaries. they have a wonderful ministry here, so please pray for them as well.

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