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Seals along the skelton coast

dare-devils pre-jump

M descending

desert storm

welcome to Saolitaire, Namibia

ants crawling up a sand-dune (or our group exploring)

that's a 900 hundred year old tree (in a deadvlei in the...

two more dead trees

We did it! We went skydiving and both Z and I jumped out of a plane 10,500 feet above the Namibian desert! It was such an incredible experience - Z's 3rd time, but my first. We were going to do it on Friday, but the fog came in so we went yesterday (in celebration of Calvin's 4-year birthday!). I was pretty nervous - to be honest, but my tandem partner has been doing this for 18 years, and has 6,000+ jumps recorded. He was awesome and really made me feel safe and comfortable. Z and I said "i love you" and then I dove out of the airplane - it was such a rush! the free fall was for about 30 seconds, but felt like 30 minutes! Then the canopy pulled out and the rest of the time it felt like we were flying. We even went through some clouds. It's so hard to describe - you must do it for yourself to know how amazing it is to be flying through the air. We'll add some photos soon.

This morning Z went sandboarding and we will go quad riding over the dunes this afternoon. Today it's cloudy and cool. Swakopmund is more like Ventura, CA then Afica. It's really bizarre to be in this German/tourist oasis. Everything is so clean and perfect. I think we'll be ready to get out into the desert after spending the last few days in luxury.

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