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So things change, I was origionally planning to go to mainland China and Tibet but after talking to folks who have been traveling for awhile I have decided to skip Tibet entirely and putting Beijing off to someother time. I can go and freeze my but off in February or something.

As for now I have bought a bus ticket and a boat trip to Kho Tao where I will be spending the next month or so getting my Dive Masters Certificate. Barring any tsunami's all should be good. So if anyone feels like coming down and visiting, this will be the most locked in I will be for most of my trip. After this I will probably come back to BKK for a bit and then off to Australia and sleeping on a few sofa's.

More amusing is that fact that I have compiled quite a little pile of clothes that I brought with me and will now be sending home. I still have way to much "stuff" but I find that I still need the gear so what can one do?

Next post, on a beach off the coast of Thailand.

Oh yeah forgot, ate a fried grasshopper a few nights ago, almost tastes like popcorn.

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