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So ended up finally finding a free wifi place in KTM, of course it is was on my last day. If I had only looked up I would of saw the sign that goes across the entire street that said WIFI! Who knew.

As for the place, New Orleans restaurant, it is pretty cool joint. If anyone ends up in Nepal it's worth checking out. I ended up sitting there for about 8 hrs actually, met some cool guys, Michele out of Canada and Rocco out of Boston and found myself BSing with them the entire night. I actually forgot to meet up with Leng from our rafting trip for dinner, felt quite bad about that one actually. None the less it was a good last night in KTM and left me with good memories and the feelinig that at sometime it would nice to come back. I guess that is what is important about a place isn't it? That it makes you want to come back at some point in your life. So if any of you want to go and go to Everest Base Camp I'm in! And I have the knowledge to get us there.

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