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Zebra in Etosha Park

Lion couple in Etosha Park

Hyena running

Springbok at the watering hole

Giraffes hanging out at the bar (watering hole)

Lion having a mid-afternoon snack of giraffe

Mikaela and the resident cheetah

Cheetah coming for dinner

Cheetah in the bush

Etosha National Park was a animal paradise. We spent two days in the park driving between two different camps, both had waterholes which they lite up at night so you could observe the animals stopping by the "bar" It was amazing and we could have sat there all day without going on the game drive and seen all the same animals since they all visit the water hole at some point during the day or night. At the second camp - Okaukuejo we saw about 7 rhinos, both white and black ones, plus a mother and baby come to the water hole. Neiher Z nor I will never forget being woken up at night and again in the morning by the sounds of roaring lions. It felt as if they were right next to our tent! The animals follow a hierchy at the waterhole, the guinea fowl go first, followed by the springbok while the zebras and wildebeast wait in the distance. All of the animals give way to the elephants - even the rhinos keep a respectable distance. The animals take a while and are very careful when approaching the water hole. In the morning there were several small animals coming down for their morning drink when a lion roared from the bush - all of the springbok jumped out of the water and were on high alert. At another waterhole we visited, the wildebeast and zebras were about 20 yards from the water looking in one direction after a few minutes Z spotted a few lions laying in the bush hence the nervous zebras. We even saw two lions having sex - it lasted about 15 seconds...(Z was polite and didn't want to post those photos)! We also saw a den of lions, cubs and adults, with a large giraffe they had taken down the day before. They were resting in the shade when one decided it was a good time for an afternoon snack. That night we raced back to camp before the rains hit - huge wind and rain storm, minutes later you could hardly tell that it had rained.

We also visited a cheetah park, basically there are too many cheetahs in Namibia, so this reserve takes the ones that the farmers and cattlemen would otherwise shoot. They don't breed any cheetahs only give the caught ones a place to live safely with space to roam, and it provides tourists a chance to see them up close and personal. Since we hadn't seen any on our other game drives, this was pretty cool for us, though it did feel a bit staged. Nonetheless, they are beautiful animals, very sleek and regal different from the bulky lions we have seen. These animals are taunt and quick (not like my cats getting fat at my parents house!)

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