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Mother and child

Little girl with goat

Small child hiding under his mother's skirt

Himba woman with her ochre braids

Bushman engravings

Rock arch in Sptitzkoppe

Z & I on the rocks

The view of Spitzkoppe from our campsite at sunrise

We visited a Himba tribe, one of the last few traditional tribes in Namibia - similar to the Masai in East Africa, they are mostly herders and depend upon their goats, cows and cattle to live. The men had already gone out with the herds, so only the women and children were left at the village. The children were so friendly, the small ones wanted to be picked up and the older ones wanted to put on our sunglasses and hats. The women are bare-chested and wear just animal skins as skirts with lots of jewelry around their ankles, wrists and necks - each piece symbolizes something - that they are married, or the first wife, etc. We saw how they make the ochre paste which they spread all over their body each day, we went into their huts to see how the sleep, clean themselves with herbs which they smoke and then sit over. It was fascinating, and what was really nice about it was that it wasn't commercialized. A local white man has been adopted by this tribe and now helps them by giving them land to live on and perserve their culture. It really was a terrific experience.

From there we drove onto Spitzkoppe where we litterally slept under the stars. It was an awesome experience that all of us at first thought we would be happy to skip since we had spent the past 2 days covered in dust, but now I think we all agree it will be a highlight. The scenery and geology reminded me of the American southwest - dry desert with huge rock outcroppings. Really gorgeous.

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