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Lunchtime for Sasha

In an attempt to show the individuality of some of the children, instead of always refering to them as "the orphans", we decided it may be a good idea to write a little bit about a few of them. The children we write about are the ones who choose to spend more time with us (for whatever reason) than the other kids. So, we know a little more about their behavior and character. Because we dont speak Russian, all we can write about is what we've observed.

Sasha is an 8 (or 9) year old boy. Hes the reason for the profile idea. I dont know why, but i feel like i need to write about him. Maybe because he reminds me of me at that age. He loves to play frisbee in the afternoons, has a killer frisbee arm AND catches it with one hand almost every time. Hes a small kid, so that says alot. But whats more important to me is his behavior when many of us are tossing the frisbee. There is one frisbee and alot of kids. Most of them are screaming for the disc to be thrown to them, which is understandable (I scream for it too, but only on the inside). Sasha just waits patiently on the perimeter of the circle for his turn. Why does he keep quiet when everyone else doesnt? I dont know, I cant ask him. But id like to think its because hes cool, he knows his time is coming. Theres one more thing that I want to mention about him. There is an american couple who teaches the Bible at the orphanage. We got to sit in on the study last night, and Sasha was there. I was really, really glad to see him there. He was having a good time, singing and listening to the story of Noah and the ark. I think next time we talk to the american couple, Ill ask how many of the children they teach have believed in the gospel, and if Sasha was one of them.

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