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steaming pools of mud...yep and it smelled as bad as it looks

Lady Knocks Geyser gets going

there was no water at all when we first got there

spider man climbs the pole (em calls this her Bridget Jones moment)

READY 1 2 3!!!

Here she comes

is she gonna hit me??

She's tarzan now!

Lake Taupo

Another shot of Lake Taupo, it was too beautiful just to take...

Lake Taupo at Sunset

Another one, you can tell i like Lake Taupo huh?

View from the bus

All we have done all week is read!

Wellington, my fav city ever

the view from the city

Another one of Wellington

Some mountains, dunno what they

Waterfalls, again dont know what they're called..we were sleeping on the bus...


So we're back now in Auckland....and its bloody raining again!!! We fly to Bali tomorrow so i thought i'd do a quick catch up entry!

So we spent a few days in Wellington -deciding to stay in a 'Base' backpackers - purely because the have a floor called 'the sanctuary' a female only floor, with gorgeous rooms, fluffy towels, feather pillows, cosmetic produts...basically we wanted to be pampered...and it was just like staying in a hotel but for backpacker prices!!! (i thought i deserved it after my near fatal experience!!!)

We met up with Natalie in Wellington...which was lovely!!! Shes just done the South Island and was telling us all about it...really think we will need to come back here and see it, so dont go thinking that when we get back that we'll be staying forever, we're already planning our next trip!!! hehehe

From Wellington we headed back up to Auckland...although we didnt do all that much we still managed to end up in prison!!!! Ok so it was an old converted prison in a backpackers but i tell you it felt like a prison to me...the showers, toilets we outside, the beds were really really uncomfy, there were a million people all in the same room and it was freezing!!!! I guess going from the sanctuary to that really wasnt the best idea we've ever had!!

We met a few Irish girls that night and one of them showed me the cells that hadnt been converted into dorms (apparently if you pay extra you can actually sleep in one...yeah like that sounds like something i'd wanna pay EXTRA for..they'd be having to pay me i think) anyway...we were walking through and it was a bit creepy (pitch black and freezing...and there was a slightly dodgy smell-always makes you more scared i think, when you can kind of smell dead bodies!!!!) anyway...we get to this one cell and its pitch black in there...but there a light switch...'do we dare' we asked ourselves...and of course we do...switch on the light and i think we screamed the whole prison down...they'd placed a dummy inside the cell -maybe doesnt sound as scary to you....but it was ok?!!! there were a couple more cells like it and although we knew there'd be another dummy we still screamed everytime we switched the light on!!!!! Funniest thing when i was showing vikki them i was STILL scared and i already seen them all!!!!

From Napier we headed up to Mount Monguinuie (i think thats spelt completely wrong but thats what it sounded like!) we got there and couldnt even see the mountain as the clouds were completely covering was raining from the minute we got there to the minute we left the next morning and so what do you do when the weathers crappy...yes thats right...have a marathon Lord of the Rings video session!!!!

Like i said we're back in Auckland now and we're just getting stuff sorted for flying out to Bali tomorrow...the airline has brought our bali flight forward so we only have about an hour from when our flight lands in Sydney to when we have to catch our next one!!! All good sure we'll get stuck in Sydney airport again...with no visa...if you see us on the news please dont be surpirsed we'll probably just have killed some unhelpful person at a customer service desk or something!!!!!

Will write again as soon as we land in Bali

Emma and Vik xx

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