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Aliona, Masha (both Russian) and Sally

Allison and Emily are American students studying Russian here. I didnt realize...

theres been alot going on lately. we've been very busy, it seems. busier than i like to be. we spend alot of time at the orphanage, and that alone is enough to make you tired. in addition, we've been meeting more and more english speakers. we met a group of girls studying here from a university in the northeastern US. they took us to some cafes for coffee, which was nice. (there is no grande size coffee here, by the way. everything comes in a small tea cup, which doesnt last long.) they are interested in what we are doing, and came with us to the orphanage to help translate and to spend time with the children. they enjoyed it very much and so did the kids. we also met a group of russian girls who speak some english, enough to have conversations. they are very eager to hang out with us to practice their english speaking. we plan to meet them tonite for a walking tour of the city. should be a real hoot. yet another group we've met are some students from Oxford (must say this with british accent). they attend the same language school we go to and we've been able to meet a few of them. we're hoping to spend some time with them this weekend. its nice to meet new people from different places. but there is something bigger going on here. everyone has asked, or will ask why we are here. when we tell them, we have a chance to share the gospel. please pray for our ability to keep this in mind as the priority while meeting new people. it would be easy to neglect it in the midst of all the excitement. there are many more topics to write about, and ill do my best to cover them all. ive also been taking pictures that will be posted soon. off to the orphanage now with a backpack full of stuffed animals...

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