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So the last few days here have been with scattered showers and the ocasional power outage. Today has been cold and raining all day, seems like a good time to get out of here and back to somewhere warm. Even if it's only for a bit. Although I have also come to the conclusion that I should just go to China from here instead of going back to BKK. I have way to much stuff though and I would definetly like to slim down, with that said I think I have lost about 2-3 kilo's since I have started this trip. I pretty much have to stop drinking and just keep eating. I have been asking around and getting more info about Austrailia and am looking forward to it more and more. But to be honest I am more curious about the "scene" per say then any historical background. From what people tell me Melbourne will probably most suit my taste of music and am looking forward to going out and hearing soemthing besides Trance!

Next Entry will be from somewhere else, where I am not sure. . .

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