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on the way

our group before we head out.

We are paying mad attention

It's Sam our man.

this our safety Kayaker, we almost drowned him.

Our accomadations.



our last day.

So we just got back from rafting on the Bhote Kosi river which is classified as a class 3 and 4 river, ah, ok. Being that it was actually my first time going rafting I didn't really have a clue what that meant. It was definetly fun though and the people that we met on the trip were also pretty cool. Leng, a Chinese austrailian girl that has been traveling on and off for years (at times spending 2 years at a pop on the road), Bertroad and his wife Nathalie from France, Jose from Spain who said he did the 21 day Anapurana Trek in 10 instead of 21 days pulling 8 hr days by himself, and Bart another guy from Holland who was on his finale leg of his trip, going to India and then home.

It's just interesting that most people that I have met are all on some extended trip. No one is out just on a short holiday. I want to say the shortest trip that I heard was about 2 months.

This is going to be a short entry because we didn't do that much besides rafting, playing some pool, and playing Asshole. Our tents, as cool as they looked were fairly green with mold, oh the joy. But as a first trip outside of KTM it was nice to be away from the noise and the dirt. Oh yeah, we almost drowned one of our safety kayaker's because he wasn't paying attention and was right in front of us when we hit a faster section of the river. The trip was also a good example of how people who sell you a trip are not always so reputable. Our trip cost $50USD, Leng payed $90, some of the others paid $60-$75. Also the shop we bought ours from said that we would be picked up, we were but by some jackass on foot who promptly took us to the wrong bus station and put us on a bus bound for Pokhara, not even remotely in the right direction. Even though we asked him repedetly if this was the right bus he kept saying sure, sure, sure.

Then after talking to this girl on the bus we found that we were going to Pokhara and then the guy was like, "Oops, we need to go over here!" Ok, now "here" was no where near where we were. Actually we ended up doing a complete circle and walked back past our hotelin a very bizare loop. Oh yeah, we were told that there were two boats going, about 12 people and that it was filling up, so there were 6, some people just can't count can they?

With all that said though and this entry not being as short as I thought it was going to be, it was a good time and I did like the guides and the people at the camp that we stayed at. The gourmet meal was a bit basic, I only bring this up because we were sold that it was going to be a bit better. Ok I'm going to stop complaining because the trip was fun and the food was fine, and the people were great also. Would I go back yes, wuld I book directly yes.


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