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I ran into Shani and Andre while checking out this morning and said some goodbyes, although knowing us, we may end up crossing paths somewhere in Southeast Asia down the road. Shani also told me that you can go into a separate entrance near the entrance to St. Peter's Basilica to see the tomb and body of Pope John Paul II. I had a few hours before my train down to Bari so I figured I'd check in my luggage at the train station and head over to do that. I also had hopes of squeezing in the Pantheon but when I literally waited in line for an hour to check my luggage and another I don't know how long to make my reservation for the train, all that got axed. The luggage area was pretty funny because there were easily a hundred people waiting in line and there were these three old men working the counter who were so taking their time you'd swear there was one person waiting in line. It took all three of them to check in each person, instead of helping three people at a time. They were just hanging out and snacking on cookies and chit-chatting like it was nothing. I suppose this could have annoyed me but it was really just more amusing than anything else. I don't think job stress plays near as big a role in Italy as it does in North America.

I had about a 4 or 5 hour train ride down to Bari in southern Italy, from where I hopped onto a bus to the port, and then onto a ferry for Patras, Greece. We went through some really beautiful vineyards on the train ride. I found that one of the TV's on the ferry was showing BBC news and it had been so long since I had seen TV in English I was pretty much glued to the thing for most of the night! I scouted out a couch in the lounge area and slept there rather than those uncomfortable reclining chairs they give you in deck class. I didn't get much sleep though with all the loud Greeks up until like 4am drinking in the lounge!

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