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Village on hill

Inside Alhambra


The beautiful gardens at Alhambra

Granada was a confusion of streets once again but after much hassle we managed to find a pension with a carpark- both Granada and Cordoba are full of coachloads of tourists even at this time of the year. Granada is also cooler as it is in the foothills of the
Friday 14 oct. we were away by 9 am to visit Alhambra- a hilltop fortress, palace and gardens begun in the 11th century and considered one of the greatest accomplishments of Islamic architecture and art. Lonely Planet describes it as beathtaking and they're right. The stucco and woodwork in the palace is so intricate its hard to believe.

The buildings themselves are huge and rooms after rooms are completey covered in stucco design with beautiful designed wooden ceilings. Hard to prtray in words and certainly not to be missed. hat amazes me is how such intricate work has survived all these centuries. There is a river running down the side of the complex and water is a real feature through the buildings and gardens, with many fountains and so on- even chanelles of water running down the balistrades of the steps.

It is only just over 60 kms from Granada down to the coastline and we could have put the car in neutral and coasted down as the road descends through the hills and gorges, past several dams, until it reaches the sea. Temperature goes from about 11 degrees to 23 degrees, thank goodness!

We trun left and follow the coast until wen reach a small semi deserted seaside town called Castille de ferro where we find a great room on the 4th floor of a hotel overlooking the beach. We feel as if we are on holiday (!) and will stay at least two days. It doesn't take much for us to be happy- and for me it was being able to hang washing outside for the sun and breeze to dry, instead of the last couple of days when it has been drying in the car. bidet in a room has many uses other than it's official role!

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