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Canal City

Tracey - Fukuoka Tower

Here's a brief blog of Japan -

We flew into Fukuoka at about midday.

Fukuoka and Nagasaki were both very relaxing places to visit after the relative chaos of when we first arrived in Korea and definately relaxing after China.

Fukuoka was beautiful and very western! There where Starbucks on every corner and millions of designer clothing stores. We had no problem not speaking Japanese and the people didn't stare at us like we were cirus freaks (we get that a lot in Korea).

Anyhow we visited - Canal City (a beautiful shopping mall), the Fukuoka Tower (a building that has no use except as a tourist attraction), the beach (quite pretty but you can't swim in the water), the City Museum, the Hakata Folk museum, a Chinese Lake (beautiful) and we saw a Buddhist Temple.

Nagasaki was almost as Westernised as Fukuoka but not quite. We caught the street car every where. The primary reason for our trip to Nagasaki was to go to the Atomic Bomb museum. Well worth a visit if you are ever in Japan. Very emotive and it definately made you think.

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