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Where the old and the new meet. Pesant using walkie-talkie.

Traditional way to make hemp cloth

What the %&*^?


Wedding ceremony: enter the groom

Enter the bride

Drink up. You'll need it.


"I now pronounce you man and wife"

I think I gained some weight. I better stop with all that...

Traditional Korean village


The wishing tree


All in the day's work

While still in Gyeongju I've heard about the annual Andong mask festival that was taking place at the time. It sounded like a lot of fun so I hopped the bus up North.

After 3 hour ride I was walking out of the bus terminal into pouring rain.

The mask festival actually coincides with Andong Folk festival and is a very crowded affair. The Mask festival attracted groups from all over Asia. I saw Korean mask dancing, Malaysian singing, and martial arts demonstrations by Chinese monks. The Folk festival included tons of traditional food and crafts. The traditional Korean wedding ceremony was staged to everybody's delight and much unexpected crowd participation. Elderly men and women from the surrounding villages felt it was their duty to correct inaccuracies in the proceedings and they did so with much zeal.

I happened to stand along the procession route just as the bride's carriage was brought in. To my surprise the bride carriers set the covered chair with the bride in it down and took out large bottles of Makkollie (phonetical spelling) a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. I've learned to like it later. But at that moment before I could say anything one of the carriers shoved a cup in my hands and filled it up. Well, who was I to blow against the wind, here's to the happy couple.

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