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Bunguksa temple

Inside Bunguksa temple




7 meter tall Buddha carved on the side of a mountain.


Great service. The hairdresser had an assistant to take care of yours...

After spending a couple of days in Ulsan Nayong and I headed to Gyeongju, a historical town further North. I would describe Gyeongju as Korea's Kyoto. Ancient burial mounds are literally all over town. There multiple temples, pagodas, an excellent historical museum, an ancient observatory, and a traditional family owned rice wine factory. To see everything in town and around you can easily spent a week or more. The highlight for me was the 7 meter Buddha carved on the side of a mountain. After an hour of hiking and rock scrambling up a steep slope we finally made it onto a large ledge above the tree line. Before us the sun was slowly sinking behind the misty mountains while a 7 meter Buddha towered behind. There was something very reassuring about that.

Our hostel Seo-Cheon Yeoin Suk guest house deserves an honorable mention. The accommodations close to the bus terminal are clean and neat. A few double rooms with beds and ondol style share the common kitchen and bathroom. Proprietor Master Park Eui Young and his lovely wife are friendly and very accommodating. After stuffing my laundry into the washing machine and leaving for a day of exploring I was pleasantly surprised to find all my threads dry and neatly folded on the bed upon my return.

Master Young is fluent in English and Japanese and is full of knowledge about everything the area has to offer. So with the $20/night price this hostel is an excellent deal.

The hostel is located 5 minutes from the bus terminal at 171-9 Rose Dong tel (054)777-4097

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