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Aliona, Veronika and Tanya (with gifts)

Sasha, Sasha, Josh and Oleg

Everyone needs to know how to toss a frisbee!

Hard at work making bracelets

This was impressive. He was break-dancing.

The sewing room

Headed out to the orphanage for Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time with a few of the young teenage girls, (Christina, Veronika, Tonya and Alyona) that I've become friends with. I'm picking up a few things to take with me, journals and pens, panties and socks, lotion and just little things that will make them feel special. I'm trying to translate something on the computer to write in the journals. God seems to be showing me how to 'visit orphans' because on my own it's tough to know what to do when i show up out there.

I've been thinking about things that made me feel special when i was little... this morning just thinking about it, and then thinking about children who don't have mothers made me cry... but i'm so happy that it did, their pain finally got through to my heart. i'm seeing deeper inside of them now. Just like Connie, an orphan that lived with me in Kenya, they all seem fine underneath their smiles. But after a while she finally opened up and said, "How can God make orphans?" They have pain, but it's deep down and they don't just show it to anyone. I want to see it though, how else can I learn to comfort them, other than by learning about their pain. Those tears let me know that God is developing stronger compassion in my heart for them. For that I am very thankful. Please be praying that Josh and I both would grow more and more compassionate for these children, looking a little deeper than their appearance.

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