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if any of you have questions for sally or me, this site is a good place to get them answered. you can leave a message for us on this site. we can answer it by replying to your message, or we can put the answer in an update if we feel like others may have the same question. also, if there is anything you think I may be leaving out, let me know. any feedback is appreciated. of course, we read every single message we receive and its very exciting to have new messages in our inbox. you should also know that there is another, more official, website out there called Portion for Orphans. you can log on at www.portionfororphans.org this site will allow you to subscribe to a newsletter, give to the orphans we visit, and keep up with our progress. if you like the Portion for Orphans website better than this one, please, keep that to yourself...just kidding.

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