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Hippo yawning - Chobe National Park

Elephant in the grass - Chobe

Sunrise in the Okavango Delta - Bababo Tree

KT our poler, Z and me in our Mokoro canoe

Sunset "cruise" in the Okavango Delta

We're sweating in the stifling heat of the Botswana sun, conservately 45 C, 100 F in the shade! (It's AFrICA HOT!!! ) A couple of days were spent in the Okawango Delta tooling around in mokoros (dug out canoes) through channels carved out of the high water grass and reeds. It took about two hours of poling to reach our campsite, in the shade of a big sycamore tree. I thought we had left camping in the dust behind us, but this is close to the same as Kili. The day started with an sunrise game walk, yeilding views of a few giraffes and zebras, elephants and hippos hiding in the "pond". We followed suit and returned to camp to wait out the heat of the day by taking dips in the "swimming hole" and clinging to the edges of the shade. It was sweltering hot! By sunset it cooled off and the canoe cruise was a classic Africa sunset, with a bright orange flaming sun disappearing over the horizon with a few baobab trees silhouted against the rainbow sky.

WE'll write more... but our truck buddies are waiting to get on the internet (only 4 in town) Tomorrow we head into Namibia and the Etoshe game reserve for more hippos, elephants, giraffes and hopefully lions...


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