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Thursday 3rd – left Mykonos and moved on to Syros. On the way we passed through the Delos strait. It was great seeing Delos from the water (visited there back in 2017) – it’s such a vast site and to think they are still excavating.

On the way to the anchorage we looked at Ermoupoulis – no room in the fishing harbours and lots of room on the quayside (which we decided to avoid). This place looks very interesting. But we anchored in the south of the island in O, Varis.

Friday 4th – got a lovely and lively sail in today and anchored in Ay Stefanos on Kithnos.

Saturday 5th – left mid afternoon and got another lively sail to Serifos and anchored in Livadhiou. This is a nice resort town with the Chora on top of the hill. Going ashore in the dinghy was an experience with the strong winds. Got splashed a couple of times (but not as much as the next morning).

Sunday 6th – headed south for Andiparos where we would catch up with Pete and Kerri for a couple of days in Dhespotico. Catch-up was great.


We’re pretty much island hopping at the moment trying to find safe anchorages from the meltemi but also taking advantage of the winds to power us along.

Tuesday 8th – a 4 hour hop and we anchored off Kalandos on Naxos. All that is here is a taverna and a small harbour. Very deserted. This is supposed to be a really sheltered bay from the meltemi – well it was for a while. Late afternoon the gusts got stronger and stronger. Gen and I were on anchor watch for most of the evening. We do have an anchor drag alarm which we have on as well throughout the night. Just as “suddenly” the gusts came then diminished. By 11pm all was good (until say around 3am when they started again, but not as strong as the night before where we registered close to 40knots).

Wednesday 9th – a short hop comparatively and anchored on Iraklia. This was a peaceful cove.

Thursday, another short hop and anchored in Kalotaritissa on Amagoros. Supposedly offering reasonable shelter from the meltemi. When we got there there was another yacht right in the middle of this small bay swamped with fishing boats. We were well dug in but the gusts and swell made it a little uncomfortable.

In the morning left and headed north to Katapola, the main port. Anchored off the beach, just clear of the ferry turning circle. This is another nice town made up of three distinct villages.

Saturday moved further north and anchored off the beach at Kolotiri. This was a wonderful place, in my opinion anyway. Lovely beach off an island off an island. There was a cute beach bar/shack which we visited, enjoying a couple of beers with the host on his penultimate day of the season. A bit of a Mama Mia moment for me.

Sunday 13th – headed off early afternoon to take advantage of the winds. Attempted fishing along the way and lost our lucky lure to what we think would have been the biggest fish we could have caught. Such a shame and very disappointing, although has inspired us at the same time.

Couldn’t anchor in the west cove of Levitha (which has only a couple of people on the island and one taverna) so needed to take a mooring buoy (first one this season, first one on this boat, and the first one since we left UK all them years ago). The buoys were pretty tightly packed but enough swinging room between them to avoid the larger boats colliding onto each other.

Monday 14th September – enjoyed a lovely sail to Lipsi where we stayed a couple of days at anchor – mostly sheltering from the meltemi. Went into the centre which had a certain ambiance about it – not many people about. The oozery was a real treat.

Wednesday 16th – a short hop to Leros. Anchored off Partheni – visited the chandlery and then walked to the next village for lunch and boy were we excited by the menu – it’s ricci (sea urchin) time – yay!!!!

In the morning were awaken by the military practicing shooting various weapons at targets not far from us.

Moved on a little south, 6 miles, and anchored off Agia Marina. This is a very pretty place – very different architecture – very Italian – with the Venetian castle over looking the town.

Friday, moved a little further south, 3 miles, and anchor on the other side of Agia Marina, off the capital Pandeli.

Saturday, moved around the other side of the island and anchored off Lakki. Stayed here a couple of days and what a quirky place this is. Most of the architecture is Art Deco. A smallish town with some great supermarkets – found so many things at bargain prices. Found smoked bacon – the type I use to cook bigos (occasionally find it in Lidls but that is occasionally), found a jar of fresh ricci’s at the fish mongers (not cheap but just delicious), found bits and pieces we will try and use to replace bits we lost from our bbq when we were approaching Batsi, it was great shopping. Love this place, a real gem, and if we were to stay in Greece longer we’d even consider wintering here.

We decided this was our turning around point and the next couple of weeks would be considered a bit of a delivery trip. So on Wednesday 23rd we set off early and undertook a longish passage back to Skhinousa. Thursday back to Despotika to hide from forecast strong winds. The winds / gusts happened and one of our flexible solar panels blew away – the cable ties were not strong enough. Oh well (but what we have noticed is the dependency on the solar panels to charge the batteries to keep, mainly in our case, the fridges going).

Friday we went for a short sail to try out our spinnaker. Gen’s really excited as he’s wanted a spinnaker for years and years.

Sunday left early morning for our long passage to Monemvasia. This was our first overnight passage for this season. Sailed most of the way. Got there at sunrise and it was glorious. Stayed a couple of days. Even managed to climb up to the old town. The views were amazing and the site is vast.

Wednesday 30th September – another longish day – anchored off Karakhinko on the other side in small bay. This must be one of the prettiest anchorages in the whole of Greece – sandy beaches, dunes, clearest of waters and mountains in the background.

Thursday back to Kayio and Friday anchored off Pilos. Saturday anchored in Killini and Sunday we anchored in (big) Vathi on Ithaca. We are back in the Ionian. Caught up with Josie and Doug which was a real treat (haven’t seen them since February). I forgot how pretty Vathi is.

Then Tuesday 6th October back to Levkas where we will hire a car and complete some vital provisioning and most importantly catching up with dear friends.

Well, here we are back in the Ionian boat yard on the hard. Lots of projects to and finish in preparation for our next adventure. So I will be signing off on this blog until next time.

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