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We are migratory animals by nature and for survival!


It seems to me anyone under 40 years of age will suffer the most impact, much like we are witnessing with the migrations of peoples trying to escape the terror in their 'native' lands due to war, corruption, religious persecution, dictatorship, and/or the general collapse of economies due to these factors and now the pandemic. Whatever measure of recovery will be short lived and governing will become increasingly difficult even for autocratic regimes.

I feel somewhat guilty in that I have lived such a lucky and pleasant life during humanity's most golden age. Unfortunately, it has come at the expense of what we now see as the Sixth Great Extinction and all that entails. I have lived blindly and awaken into a coming nightmare. Guilt has at least given me some sense that by applying my meager skills to the earth, maybe I can create a refuge here in Corvallis which might help family and friends survive a bit longer and without as much of the suffering which we are beginning to witness in so many parts of our Earth. Love to all, and may your journeys be instructive as well as in good health.


The costs of Climate Change



Collapsing biodiversity will ultimately cause homo sapiens to collapse as well


So you think we are getting colder?

The US is facing it's own migratory crisis!

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