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This sign mentions all the ailments one can get from eating too...

Thursday 27 August, time to push on. Left mid morning for our short hop to Kea, our first island this season in the Cyclades. We anchored of the quayside south of the port and under the Chora (town on the hill – usually the capital of the island). Went ashore to sample some local cheese, which was a real delight. One of our aims this season exploring the Aegean is to sample local cheeses – each island has its own hard and soft cheese.

In the afternoon watched the comings and goings of boats on the quayside – most memorable were the Polish and the (can’t remember the flag) boat that managed to snare the Italian boats anchor chain around there rudder (we think).

From Kea we had a reasonably long passage to Andros. We had F5 winds on the quarter for a while (as forecast) and then as we approached the island we had gusts up to 40 knots. Luckily we reefed the sails in time (and thank goodness for hydraulic furlers). We came into Batsi and went alongside the quay wall. That was our first experience of the Meltemi this season. A nice, not, welcome. Batsi is a small resort town but is very cute. We stayed a couple of nights as we had water and electrics for free. So Gen completed some chores as did I. During the day the town isn’t very busy but by night it’s exciting.

On Sunday 30th we left the quayside and headed south. There was no wind and the water was a times like a mirror. It was hard to believe that we were in F8 winds 2 days ago.

We anchored in O. Grammata on Siros, at the northern tip of the island. A very nice spot and well sheltered from the Meltemi.

Tuesday 1 September, headed for Tilos. No anchorage this time but our first Mediterranean mooring (stern to) for this season. It was not easy even though the quayside was relatively empty. No. 2 has an oversized prop so it means when she’s in reverse she kicks to starboard almost 90 degrees instantly. So we zigzagged basically in reverse to the quayside.

Tilos was okay, can’t say we thought much of the town itself although we were able to do some provisioning.

After a fairly noisy night (being on the quayside right in the centre of town), we left and headed for Mykonos. Anchored south of the old harbour.

We did enjoy Mykonos, although a couple of hours is all you really need to see it. The little passage ways are really pretty, freshly painted white, with coloured window frames. But they are full of boutiques mainly aimed at the cruise ship passengers. No cruise ships to be seen this year due to Covid but there was still as steady throng of tourists.

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