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Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 stayed at anchor underneath Momenvasia – a beautiful site. Didn’t head into Momenvasia as we visited it winter 2019. The town is wonderful and the view from the water is fantastic.

Thursday anchored off Ieraka – a place we haven’t been to before. Friday went a bit further north up the coast passing some really nice places especially Kypririssa – a small village at the foot of the mountains – absolutely striking scenery. Then crossed the bay and anchored in O. Fokianos.

Saturday had a look around Poulithra and Leonidhion, crossed the bay and anchored in O.Astrous. Sunday moved on and anchored in Kolladhia where we stayed a couple of nights. We’ve been here before but had not gone ashore. It’s a nice little village – not touristy, a lived in village. With the lack of strong winds we checked out the spinnakers we had inherited with the boat. They are both in very good condition, one used more than the other but nevertheless in good nick.

Wednesday 19th popped into Porto Kheli for the night, did some provisioning and got some more diesel whilst a good price. What was really annoying, was the prices – at the Shell, were we got our diesel it was 1.149/l; at the Revoil but the supermarket it was 1.119/l; and at the Revoil on the main road out of town, some 100m from the Revoil just mentioned, it as 1.089/l. Really need to do your research.

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