Summer 2020 (pre and post lockdown). travel blog

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

Abandoned village

View towards Nidri

Church Tranquil Bay

Icons, Church Tranquil Bay

View over Vliho


Little Vathi on Meganisi

Little Vathi

Coming thunderstorm, Tranquil Bay

Boat on fire

Boat on fire

Boat on fire


View from anchorage, Varko

Spring time Levkas

Sunset Levkas

No. 2 from up the mast

Walk to church, Tranquil Bay

View of Tranquil Bay

View of Lefkada


Fish caught at anchorage, Varko

Things I forgot to mention:

Once some of the restrictions were lifted Gen did manage to get his lower dentures made up – so no more whistling whilst talking and we can eat next to normal.

Although it was not encouraged to visit each others boats, we did have on numerous occasions Pete and Kerri over for dinner, which was great fun. Ended up with a bit of a lockdown tummy pounch.

One of the projects which needed completing was going up the mast – Gen made this climbing apparatus which got him up the mast and fitting our tri colour light properly – the green sector of the light was facing aft bizarrely.

And before lockdown and the restrictions of movement onto and around the island or numbers of people allowed in vehicles (driver + 2 passengers (unless they were children)) we had a couple day trips, one with Pete and Kerri to an abandoned village on the mainland

and one bus trip to a village in the mountains, the name escapes for the moment.

Well on the way……

After catching up with Pete and Gwen, who finally made it out of the UK and to their boat to enjoy what is left of summer etc., we started this years sailing season. One big aim for this season is to get to know No.2 better and identify what we need to change/modify/improve to make her comfortable for our needs and future plans.

On Tuesday 21st July we headed off and went to Vasiliki where we anchored off the town. One reason for going here was to refill the scuba tank as we will need to do some scrubbing of the hull as there is considerable growth on it due to being idle in the marina for so long.

On Wednesday 22nd we headed for Cephalonia. We wanted to poke our nose into Friskardo and should there be space stay a night or two. This was not to be – very crowded and two day tripper boats were entering the harbour as we approached.

On the way we heard a May Day call on the VHF, there was a boat on fire near Friskardo. We could see the smoke and as we passed the cove where the boat was we could see the flames.

Very sad. It as a Maltese flagged boat (which no doubt means expensive) and there were 6 people on board (3 Males, 2 Females and 1 girl), who all swam ashore to safety.

Also on the way we witnessed a very very close call between two yachts motoring at speed. One came out of an anchorage and wasn’t looking and didn’t see the other yacht motoring at speed. We were not very far away from them. The yacht at speed shouted at the other and veered off missing by a meter or two and all the other could do was shout back “sorry!”.

We got a short sail in (first one for the season – YAY!) and anchored at Ay Eufimina.

Thursday 23rd – a longer passage and anchored at the beautiful anchorage south of Passada. The water is crystal clear the the surrounding landscape just stunning.

Saturday 25th – anchored at Argostoli, did some provisioning and then visited the restaurant we barged in on a birthday party last October. We wandered around the town and went to areas we hadn’t visited before mainly where all the restaurants are near the cruise ship terminal. Still no cruise ships allowed in Greek waters, yet the restaurants were open with primarily empty tables. Very sad.

Sunday 26th – a day of lots of lessons. We decided to leave Argostoli and take advantage of the wind (N’ly) When we left it was blowing F4/5 and we got a nice sail in. The wind increased to 5/6 and so did the swell. We were towing our dinghy which at times was surfing down the waves nearly overtaking us or bumping into us. So mid sail we need to lengthen the line / distance between the dinghy and us. It as funny but not funny to see the dinghy surfing the waves.

With the wind and waves we managed to get some speed under sail around 7.8 knots.

Stayed here a couple of days – it’s a lovely anchorage.

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