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The bride arrives

Proud Dad, Glowing Bride

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Adam Plain

The formal shot

The Happy Couple -- Renee and Adam

The Carson Pass area was aglow with fall color.

We took lots of pictures along the road

Golden leaves

Our "prime site" alongside the Amercan River near Coloma, CA

Gold was discovered just a few miles from this spot; we didn't...

River raft approaching the rapids

Hang on to your hat! And your paddles.

A porch full of friends - The two of us with Mary...

Mary Field in her garden

"The Girls" -- Liz (top) and Kat (below).

In her spare time, Suzy likes to work on sewing projects.

Two kids in a tree. Renee is the one who just got...

The three days before the wedding had been beautiful: sunny, quite warm but with a gentle breeze. The family and wedding party set up the pavilion and had the wedding rehearsal Friday. The rehearsal dinner went off with only a hitch or two (the dinner was planned for 7:30, the restaurant expected everyone at 6:00; when we didn't show up, they cleared the tables and sent the extra servers home).

During the wee hours of the night we were awakened by a ferocious wind that didn't seem to want to leave. By morning the temperature had dropped seriously, there were storm clouds everywhere and the wind continued. At noon it was still cold and windy. The wedding was to start - outdoors, of course - at 2:30. By 2:30, the sun was out, the clouds were fading away, the weather was warm but the breeze was still significant. The wedding was beautiful. During the ceremony the Maid of Honor simply grabbed Renee's veil and tucked it safely away from the wind.

Gramma and Papa (that's us) witnessed, we ate, we took pictures, we danced a dance, and then came back to our motorhome to let the younger generations complete their celebration. As very traditional, conservative old-timers, we missed having a church wedding; we missed hearing any reference to the Almighty. This was definitely a civil ceremony. But we are satisfied that Renee and Adam have made a good match. They love each other and will be good to each other. What more can we ask?

We came home with 216 photos (after clearing out the obvious clunkers). The official photographer says she has about 1300. The fun pictures may be the ones taken with the disposable cameras that were waiting for guests as we took our seats at the reception. You never know what will turn up in that situation!

Monday we left Nevada to cross into California, heading up State Highway 88 (numbered the same in both states), then north on CA 49 to Coloma. We had seen the exchange of gold rings at the wedding, and we camped near where gold was discovered in 1849. Heading up to Carson Pass (8547 feet) we saw more fall color in a few miles than we had seen in a month. Last year, Oregon had been ablaze in color this time of year, but there was little to see this year. The eastern side of the Sierra gave us our 2005 fall color fix.

We also discovered that we were a good bit heavier this trip than we were the last time we came across Highway 88! We now tow a bigger car and, yes, we are still about 1000 pounds overweight in our motorhome. When we come across next time, we will drive our two vehicles separately!

The park we were in at Coloma has a section that fronts right onto the American River; we pulled into a site just across the road from the stream. We'd have enjoyed a different site, but this one was okay, we could see the river in two spots. As we were settling in, another rig pulled in, this one a big diesel, longer than our rig, three slideout rooms, painted in what we used to call maroon (now probably called deep plum) and beige. This rig stopped in the road right next to us, and I swear it sat ominously rumbling its diesel engine and glaring furiously at the lack of available prime sites right on the river. It sat there a long time, then moved on, ultimately to select a site quite a distance from the water. We chuckled to ourselves for a while at this abject humiliation of the vainglorious monster rig.

Two days later, within a half hour of each other, two RVs left their sites right along the river. Having only two more days to spend in this park, we convinced ourselves it would be folly to pack everything up and move across the road into the closer prime site. After all, our site was comfortable, we could hear and see the river, we'd have to disconnect the water hose and electric cable, pull in our single slideout, and move 25 feet across the road. It took us over an hour to change our minds. Then we disconnected our water hose and electric cable, pulled in our single slideout, and moved 25 feet across the road! Shortly after noon, two big rigs arrived in our area. One took our old site; the other found a spot not too far away. We chuckled to ourselves for a while at how angry we'd have been if we hadn't gotten over here first! And then we saw the river rafters, and that made it even better from our prime site right on the river.

Our next stop for this story was in Angels Camp, at the home of Mary Field, a lovely lady we had met a couple of years ago when she parked her brand new "Minnie Winnie" next to our rig at Canyon Creek Campground near Winters, CA. That was Mary's first RV outing, and we spent some time with her, sharing our vast experience (that took about two minutes!) and some of our half-vast experience (which took significantly longer). We became friends, and promised to see each other once in a while. This was that once in a while. We spent three days parked in Mary's side yard and got better acquainted with her and her "girls," two beautiful, if not terribly intelligent, Rhodesian Ridgeback Hounds.

In our spare time, Suzy is working on her crocheting and some sewing projects, while I'm scanning some of our old slides from years ago. Daughter Debbie has been storing these slides for us under her house. She brought us several hundred to go through. We want to share just one with you, the one of two kids in a tree. The pretty little girl is Renee, who just got married; the little blonde boy is Jason, who officiated at the ceremony. Time evaporates in a flash!

And with that flash, we are ready to pursue the rest of ... Our Life on Wheels.

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