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This is the second year Maureen has taken orders for Christmas Cakes....

Swans in front of our place in November

Tundra swan

Mute swan

Butter tarts - Maureen made and sold 20 dozen in early December.

She also made Mincemeat tarts and a Pecan Pie for sale.

2019 Family Photo - Sechelt Branch!

2019 Family Photo - Vancouver Branch - Aaron Tonye and Sofie

The cat didn't like the picture taking at all!

Christmas Day - Sofie's first Caesar! Sofie rents a room from Aaron...

Crocuses and Anemones in February

Climbing Camelia


Mar 4 - a lady at the Thrift Store had this old...


Moon setting on March 14

Sunrise on the back of the mountain March 14

Now we can't go out the front door!

We have a great variety of birds here. This is a Northern...

This was a surprise to see these two coming out of the...

Then they ran off in two different directions.

Hot cross buns April 11

Maureen bought herself a gorgeous bouquet and cupcakes for Easter.

Northern Pintail again

Something has caught the attention of this Towhee


Moon Jellyfish at the pier May 3


Mallards and a Cinnamon Teal. The Teal is rare around here.



Wood Duck

This is a sundial on a post. Someone put seed up there!

The first time this peony has bloomed in the 15 years we've...

Another plant saved from the wrecker - Rhododendron

One of the larger families May 10

Mother's Day flowers from Kelly May 10

Making Hollandaise for Mother's Day

Mother's Day brunch

Nice warm log May 19

Keep your distance!

Little ones



This is one of the first of this year's ducklings

These are newer


Hooded Merganser



Look I have wings!


Our eagle nest May 19!

A huge crop of Red Hot Pokers this year

This and the next four pictures all taken May 30. Shows the...


They love the foliage in front of our place.

These are the newest two...

and this is one of the oldest!

Our baby eagles - using the phone through the telescope with the...

Absolutely unbelievable that my last update was in November. Very sorry about that!

First of all, we are all ok. We have had very few cases of the virus in Sechelt and no community spread. Things are starting to loosen up but very slowly. Grocery shopping has continued but most other stores were closed. And let's face it, at our age who needs more stuff anyway! Of course the travel industry is a bust. Larry cancelled over $200,000 in travel bookings over the past couple of months. And that brings me to our travels...

This was supposed to be a big year. First a 48 day cruise in March from Fort Lauderdale, around the Horn and back to Vancouver. Cancelled the day before we were supposed to leave. Then a TravelOnly National Conference trip to Cancun in June for Larry's travel business - cancelled. Then a cool trip - cruise from Amsterdam around the British Isles and back to Amsterdam, train to Berlin then train to Prague - all cancelled. We still have a TravelOnly Seminar at Sea training cruise booked in November but that is not looking good either. The only good thing - when we unpacked the suitcases in March the clothes were all clean and just had to be put away.

Now back to Christmas. Aaron, Tonye and Sofie came over Christmas Eve and left Boxing Day. We haven't seen them since but are on track to see them on June 14 when we're over in Vancouver for a Costco/medical run. Other than that our life is not very exciting. No travel and the Thrift Store is still closed. Lots of gardening though!

Larry was elected to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 140 Sechelt in January and his role is the Public Relations Chairman. He has been very busy turning the place around like he did at Swan Lake RV Resort. The Legion has been so mismananged over the years and it was starting to turn the corner when they had to close on March 16th. They have now made plans to re-open on July 2nd for 5 days a week.

A very disappointing year. Our sincerest wish is that all of you are (and have been) well and will continue to be. Not sure when the next update will be!

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