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the launch site

Minda looks around while waiting for everyone

Little Blue Heron

end of the corridor to the bay

trying to capture the reflections

Mangrove maze

Peaceful and serene

lunch in the water

vs lunch on the sandbar

Snowy Egret

Reddish Egret

Black-bellied Plover

Piping Plover

Sanibel Causeway

The whole group of us

This is on San Carlos Bay, at the southwest corner of Fort Myers. Fort Myers Beach is to the south but Sanibel is to the west. We see the causeway to the north.

There is a short corridor to get out to the Bay, then a little fight with the current (depends on how windy it is) to get out deep enough to head north to our own private beach. There used to be a mangrove trail to take around in a circle, kinda, but now we have to turn around and come back out because the way is blocked with downed trees from previous storms. Some days, we see lots of birds, but some days they are few and far between. It seems to be the day of the bachelors today because the wading birds were just representing their species, not flocking together.

Most of us enjoyed having lunch on the water of the sandbar, but some went to dry land. I was able to get out by myself and drag the boat to dry land! I dragged it back out and plopped into it again after lunch. I am good at plopping into the kayak but getting out is often a challenge.

Once we got back to the launch, I ventured a little further down the canal to see if it was as magical as the first time I went there. The reflections on that first trip were phenomenal. Today, the timing was probably wrong. I was alone when I got back and figured out a way to get out of the boat by myself without falling in and getting all wet! I also climbed up and down the 3 flights of stairs without using the handrail and without going one step at a time with both feet in order to go to the bathroom! I reveled in that achievement!

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