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flying pigeon pose, almost there

and always with a smile, seems no effort needed

with some practices, Virg manages some nice poses now

Easter lunch

treasure hunt to find chocolate eggs

found it!

Marin and Bahia invented a family board game. Nice game!

family pizza party

Well, all confined for this month.

Every week a new rule more strict than the one before. Now we are allowed to go outside only for grocery or pharmacy shopping. Permit are delivered no more than every 3 days (5 for ATM) with time slot. And only 1 pers per car.

However we are still having fun. We celebrated Virg 's birthday, eater with a treasure hunt to find the eggs. And we are having fun by creating some movies the we for ourselves or for every friend birthday.

Bahia, Aloe and Marin are quite good with e-learning. Most of their lesson now are live which help a lot Marin to follow the schedule.

Vinz is still working from home.

On Sunday, Virg is now giving to some froggies some yoga classes thanks to zoom.

Yoga becomes the routine of the house.

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