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Joyeux anniversaire Vinz!

En piste

C'etait super1

les rues sont inondées

A football champion

Marin's team

un petit resto Taiwainais

After finding the sponsors, Aloe is ready to compete

we could contemplate it here for ever

crow pose

les copains de retour

a morning on the boat

a we at the hospital

a morning at the golf


Marin selected for athletism

long jump

ready to goooo!

upside down

Arserkal event: this is art

Chinese NY

Sports day

A weird start of the year...

To start with: Vinz' birthday on January 1st (like every year).

To celebrate it, he will have a 45 min session of e-foil. Amazing!

10 days letter, 1st deception with our week-end in Liwa cancelled because of a storm in Dubai. The wind is very strong and it is raining a lot. All is floating: houses, streets, malls.

But Vinz has this great idea to go kite surfing. He has an accident! 9 days at the hospital in order to have a surgery that will finally not happen.

From Now Vinz is working from home as he cannot drive to Abu Dhabi (an early test of what will happen soon...)

Marin continues playing football.

He is selected for atheism to compete with other schools.

Aloe and Marin have sports day.

Aloe and her team have found enough sponsors to compete the F1 small racing car in bu Dhabi.

Virg starts a training to be a yoga teacher

We celebrate Chinese NY at school but things are a bit different this year as all food and activities are cancelled due to coronavirus coming from China.

Maud, Penelope and Adele visit us in Dubai. We enjoy beach, desert and parties.

Cathy initiates us all to golf.

So far in Dubai, in France schools and boarders are still open, and we are still planning to go to Egypt in April...

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