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Look at the send colour

sometimes, a plant may appears

or a car

our family in Liwa with our blue jeep

traditional photo in the desert

our amusement parc

a peaceful place for yoga practice

our small group in a wonderful place

who go first?

The yellow tank

This truck stopped here in the 70's

loving it

top of the world?

much faster to go down than up

time to install the tents

enough wind for Aloe to practice a bit of kite

around the fire

our campement





oops, do not forget Marin




a painting

here camel can be very black

lunch before going back to Dubai


Bahi , happy t drive but scared also

Aloe now

And Marin!

the beauty

Schools are closed for 2 weeks now and kids are on vacations. Total confinement has not been announced yet and if some friends start to confine themselves home without any instructions from government, we choose to do our probably last trip to Liwa with Clara and Antoine, Marthe and Madeleine.

Liwa is the world biggest send desert. It is located in Abu Dhabi at the border with Saoudi. Dunes are really impressive there. They can reach 200 m. You find different colours of send and big field of salt.

Each time we go to Liwa, it looks the same but different :-) Look the color of the send this time.

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