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Jan splashing through the coffee-coloured foam

a friendly mix of both seagulls and terns

snail trails everywhere - looks like their GPS is broken down

Wed Mar 11 - Day 17

First up today Jan put a load of washing on - and as soon as it was under way we had a rain shower come over. Never mind, it will dry eventually under the awning. Which it did, because a strong wind blew up after the shower and kept up all day - so we did another load and got all the washing up to date. After lunch it was time to walk the entire Evans Head shopping centre - 20mins later it was all done and time to head home. Exciting!!!!

Actually what was even more exciting was when Ron tipped over a cup of coffee into the seat of his chair. That got him up quick. Wet shorts, wet jocks, wet shirt, wet chair, and his niece Carole on the other end of the phone laughing her head off.

Time to get some real exercise later in the day, so about 4:30 we headed out for a walk up the beach. Next stop Byron Bay?? Nah !! After 45mins we were ready to turn around and head home - for tea and telly. On the beach we were fascinated by the number of snail trails wriggling in all different directions over the wet sand. Watching them they were like little invisible bulldozers slowly pushing through the sand leaving a V shaped furrow behind them. The snail is inside that bump in the bottom right of the picture. We were able to eat tea outside but it did rain on and off right through the night.

On a sombre note - today the WHO declared Covid-19 to be a Pandemic

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