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The country side at the Flint Quarries

Jimmy Green Knapping an arrow head

Finished on the right before on the left

Headed out US 287 to I-40 and into Amarillo, TX staying at the Big Texan RV Park. I-40 through Amarillo is all under construction so makes maneuvering around town here a bit of a challenge. Very nice weather until Friday 13th where it turned cloudy, rainy and very cold. We understand it is snowing at our place at home however so we aren't complaining too much.

Dale had discovered a National Monument about 38 miles from here to visit called Alibates Flint Quarries. The canyon rims and mesas of this region above the Canadian River reveal more than 700 stone quarries where for over 13,000 years Paleo-Indians harvested and used the colorful stone known as Alibates flint. The flint, which is actually agatized dolomite, was quarried to make projectile points, knives, scrapers, and other tools. The monument preserves nearly 1,000 acres of remains of this quarrying site.

While visiting here, there was a volunteer named Jimmy Green, who is a flint knapper of about 11 years. Flint knapping is the making of flaked or chipped stone tools. This technology was used in historic times to manufacture gun flints and in prehistoric times to make spear and dart points, arrow heads, knives, scrapers, blades, gravers, perforators, and many other tools. We sat with him for about 1 1/2 hours while he took a solid rock and started snapping and ended with an arrowhead which upon his completion handed it to us to take home. (see picture of him and the arrowhead) We were thrilled. While he worked he told us many stories of the Indians and military in the area as well as other history in the area. If he were only closer I would invite him to one of our International RV Rallies. He was so interesting. While sitting with him, one of the Park Ranger came over and asked if we cared for some lunch. She had made homemade Gumbo. It was delicious. Not treatment you get everyday at the national parks/monument. Great place with great people.

We followed up the day with dinner at the Big Texan Steakhouse which is equivalent to Saylor's Old Country Kitchen in Portland.

Great stay in Amarillo!

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