Costa Rica March 2020 travel blog

La Sabana Park

Don't drop me!

Another girl takes her chance

The way down requires trust.

Lois asked this toddler's Dad if she could take this photo. "Why?"...

A great bounce house

A bamboo grove

Horses for rent

Chain saw art

Accessories for little dogs

A little kid on a bike trail not looking where he is...

A soccer match

A rink for roller skates

A play area for little kids (taken from the pedestrian overpass)

With winds blowing 40 mph, kites were a big seller

A young couple cuddling

John writing today

We left home at 4:40 AM, drove to the Traverse City airport, parked the car, checked our bags, cleared security, and were at the gate at 5:00 AM! (Thanks to Kristen, who picked up our car later in the day.) These are the joys of flying from a small town airport. However, the downside is that we had to fly from Traverse City to Chicago, and from there to Charlotte, and then on to San Jose, Costa Rica. We had about an hour to change planes at each airport between flights. Remember that planes start boarding 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. That means we had 30 minutes to get from one gate to the next, which means each flight had to be on time.

We continued our lucky streak – every flight was on time, and our luggage arrived early and intact. Immigration in Costa Rica was a breeze, since we had not been in China, South Korea, Iran or Italy in the past few weeks. Our driver met us at the airport, and we were in our hotel by 2:00 PM. It is 75 degrees here, with very strong winds and scattered clouds. After we were settled in our hotel, Lois walked to La Sabana Metropolitan Park - a very large park near our hotel, and she came back with a bunch of photos. It is 178 acres in size, and is the country’s largest and most significant urban park. It used to be the city’s airport. We will meet our Road Scholar group tomorrow at 6 PM so we plan to explore the downtown area during the daytime.

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