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I started having migraines in my early forties, and they grew progressively worse over the following ten years. It was around my 50th birthday that I got some clues as to what was triggering them, I won’t go into it here, but the triggers keep me on my toes, because they keep changing.

When we started travelling I was surprised to find that I had fewer migraines, and that they were often less severe, while I was travelling outside of North America. For the first nine years of our retirement, we were travelling for nine months of the year, and were visiting friends and family back in Canada during the months of June, July and August. I observed a big change in my health whenever we returned in the summers. I began to think about what I was possibly in my food when at home, that wasn’t there when we were overseas.

I came to the conclusion that it was most likely the additives and preservatives that are added to the processed foods that we eat in North America. There are things that have preservatives listed on food labels in Canada that are pretty obvious, but I never used to think of foods like bread and other baked goods as ‘processed foods’, but I do now.

I observed that bread in Europe is usually purchased just before the meal, and if you buy bread in the morning, and don’t eat it, it’s hard as a rock later in the day. This is not the case with bread we buy at home. It seems that the bread we buy in the supermarkets, packaged in plastic bags, will often keep for up to a week and still seem ‘fresh’, without drying out or growing moldy. Bingo!

Anyway, now and then something I eat while travelling ‘gets’ me, and I’m out for the count for anywhere from 12 – 24 hours. I woke up in Mandvi with a migraine after our second night at the resort, and as disappointing as it was, I was relieved that we weren’t driving all the way back to Ahmedabad that same day. I could stay in bed, Anil was not on his own (as he usually was when it was just the two of us travelling), and he could enjoy himself with Donna and Duncan.

It was a pretty lame mini-golf course that they had set up at the resort, but it was something to do, to enjoy together, and have a load of laughs. I was feeling much better by dinner time and was able to join them in the dining room, rather than having them bring me something to eat in our room. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t happen a second time, for sure, I didn’t have the same dishes I’d eaten the night before.


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