Bob and Julie head South travel blog

When in Fillmore, you can't beat this place

Good place to eat. A franchise out of Salt Lake City

I-15 south bound, Utah

Da border!

The Virgin River gap near Mesquite, NV

Julie and Will's favorite trees. Joshua

Camped out near the Virgin River Casino. My people.

This guy got my spot. Behind the Virgin River Casino.

Happy 36th Anniversary, Julie.

Fillmore UT, to Mesquite, NV


The lady at the front desk called me at 10AM to remind me that checkout was 11AM. I have never had this kind of call before. I was determined to stay here as long as possible and so I did. It is my anniversary, after all. Had a big breakfast and coffee before I was forced to leave.

Was finally on the road headed south by 10:45AM. I-80 quickly became I-15 near Fillmore. I was lucky enough to

share a conference call with Julie and Kate while rolling down the interstate. We decided a three-way call is harder than you would think so gave it up after a while. Nice hearing from the girls.

The weather has turned much nicer. Ice and snow is no more. It is 40 degrees, but feels much warmer. Up until now, I have been driving in winter conditions this whole trip. Feels nice.

Arrived in Mesquite, NV around 1:30PM... I think. The time zones in this area always confuse me. Checked into the Virgin River Casino, a famous oasis for retired folks coming over from Utah and Arizona to gamble. I myself appreciate the room rates, Twenty-seven bucks a night, not bad.

Sent a picture of palm trees and reported temperatures to be 70 degrees. Happy anniversary, Julie!

197 miles 2.75 hours

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