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I went out of the apartment at 8:00am to go to Marina Park. According to ebird it is the best spot in town for birds. I did find a few birds but not many at all. When I passed the Malecon, I saw Brown Pelican, Royal Tern, Snowy and Great Egret, Gray Heron and Magnificent Frigatebird. At the park I heard the tapping on the tree, then found 3 Red-crowned Woodpeckers. I walked on the wall again until I saw some rocky seashore. I walked there and found many Snowy Egrets following a beaching fish boat. When I went back to the apartment at 10:40am, the new guests (a young Brazilian couple) has arrived. They were cooking. I hurried to finish packing and moved my luggage out before 11:00am. Gladys gave me instructions how to go out without keys. I left them to find a place for lunch. When I returned at 12:30pm, nobody was in the apartment. I took all my luggage and left. The shuttle I booked offers pick up from certain hotels. Fortunately, there is one near the apartment. I went there within 10 minutes just before 1:00pm. The shuttle showed up at 1:30pm. After picking up all the passengers, it went back to the shuttle station. It left at 2:00pm sharp. This is a bus company that offers door to door pickup and drop off. It is the most popular among visitors. It is almost double the cost than the normal large buses but still is cheap. For 2 hours trip it costs only $10. From Cartegena to Santa Marta is 4 hour trip and it costs only $20.

The bus made 2 stops for bathroom and food. We arrived Santa Marta at 6:30pm. The driver dropped me in front of the apartment building. It has a door guard and my new host Ines lives on the top floor (9th). When I got into elevator, there is no 9th floor but 8th. A woman told me that I had to use stairs once on the 8th floor. It is a bit strange. There are actually 3 flies of stairs to reach 9th. Ines was home. She is in her late 70th or early 80th. She has some back pain and could not move much. There was a caregiver there to fix her dinner. Also, her later teen grandson Pepe was there. He seems to me has autism. Ines has the entire 9th floor. It is actually a penthouse. My room is small but has its private bathroom. There is no air conditioner but a fan. It is very hot in the 90th, I hope it cools down at night. The caregiver left. I went to a supermarket nearby to buy some breakfast for the coming days. On the way back I stopped at a Chinese restaurant. It is not Chinese food at all. I ordered a fish filet with special house sauce. When I got back, I chatted with Ines for a while. Her family is from Venezuela some 20 years ago. She still has two sisters there. She has only 1 son who lives in the US. He has 3 children. Pepe lives with Ines but others are in the US. She is very kind and nice. Though her body is failing, her brain still functions well and sharp. I never understood what she did before retirement.

The room was hot at late night. I had to run the fan and open all the windows.

I am going to visit the Marina, Gold museum, and the house museum where Simon Bolivar died in late 1800th.

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