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As we hustle up to the opening of the Upper Antelope Canyon...

The amazing scenery begins

And on it goes...

The vagabonds pose for a shot

The shapes and colors are awesome

If you look at the dark area of this feature it looks...

The shapes and colors just keep going around every turn

Some of our tour mates to give you an idea of the...

I whittled down the almost 100 pics we took to 22 that...

None of the pics were edited for color

Saturday was a planned stay-at-home day because of the weather. The forecast had been fluctuating from 30% chance of frozen mix, to 60% chance of rain, to 90% chance of rain and some snow, to this morning’s 97% chance of rain with no mention of snow. Only thing for sure is that it’s mostly cloudy, the only really cloudy day we’ve seen since we got here on February 2nd. The weather morons could well be wrong, so who knows what kind of nationally newsworthy calamity could befall us.

Saturday did end up rainy for about half the day, but despite better weather, Sunday still ended up being a down-day to take care of some Jeep cleaning and the usual laundry and tinkering tasks up until when we went out to dinner. And other than a nail appointment for the boss and a Walmart run for me, it was another “not much” kind of day on Monday. We needed our rest for Tuesday to tour Upper Antelope Canyon https://www.americansouthwest.net/slot_canyons/antelope_canyon/index.html and then for another tour on Wednesday to visit Waterhole Canyon.

Tuesday afternoon our bus, one of 6, left Page right at 1:00 and after a short 15 minute drive we pulled off of Arizona 98 onto about 3 miles of orange dirt road to the entrance to the Upper Antelope Canyon. The entrance looks like a crack in the rock wall, big enough for maybe 3 people to walk through, but once inside it becomes a series of irregularly shaped rooms. Some are fairly wide, some are only wide enough for one person to squeeze through but a very flat, easy walk. The shapes and colors of the sandstone, lit with the occasional splashes of sunlight through the openings above, are amazing. In fact, none of the pictures in this update have been edited...all of the shapes and colors you see are exactly as we saw them.

The canyon is very popular – even though this is the slow season – so they hustle you through like the place is on fire, but we were the first bus of our group so our guide, Nate, was able to set us up for the best pics without a crowd of people in them. Nate told us the exact camera settings to use on both real cameras and cell phones and he did a great job explaining the geology and features of the canyon...he was well worth whatever they pay him and the $20 I tipped him.

The canyons are formed by rain water that has flowed, for a bazillion years, through these openings, wearing away the soft sandstone and creating waves and other shapes while leaving swirl marks on the walls, leaving an other-worldly view; an awesome thing to see. There isn’t much more that I can add to describe the place and I hope that the pictures give you at least some idea of how impressive it is...another in the long line of impressive things we have done and seen.

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