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Much chopping

Part of the kitchen for one specialty restaurant

The screen indicates what is on order

Prep area for room service

Prep area for room service

Cleaning area

Jumbo soup kettles-hold about 150 l

Prep area for main restaurant

Ordering screen for the main restaurant

Cold appetizer area

Pastry prep area

Bakery area

Swordfish ceviche

Tortilla soup

Corn cake for dessert

Another sea day, this time with fairly rough seas.

We took a Mexican cooking class with the head chef from the Chef's Table. Only 12 people can attend. This restaurant offers a themed 5 course meal that changes every three days. We have been there once and have two more dinners booked.

We started off with dessert, since it needed time to bake. Then we mixed up a ceviche with swordfish and a big pot of tortilla soup.

While the soup simmered we had a tour of the galley that prepares food for the two specialty restaurants and the main restaurant. It was quite impressive, stainless steel from top to bottom, including the ceiling. The whole space is washed down completely twice every day.

Scrupulous attention is paid to cleanliness. Once pots are cleaned and disinfected they are placed in a clean area for use. No chef is allowed into the cleaning area.

There is also a huge kitchen on another floor, that provides food for the buffet restaurant. It is quite an amazing operation.

All the food is prepared fresh when ordered, so large screens keep the staff aware of what is needed. All the waiters enter orders onto an Iphone that populates the screens in the galley.

After the tour we got to eat our lunch. All was delicious and we got to keep the aprons and linen towels we used. We are taking another class next week. So much fun.

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