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Day 27 - Fri 7th Feb

Bit chilly & foggy to start with, must be because we are higher up in the mountains. Stayed on motorway nearly all the way across to Murcia where we stopped at an Aire with about 150 other motorhomes, they’re everywhere. Didn’t realise we’d been to Murcia before till we checked on the geocache map & saw that we had logged a cache here. Turned out we had stayed at a camp site nearby on our trip in 2014 & come in to Murcia on our scooter for a look round & logged just the one cache.

The Aire here is close to an IKEA store so while we were making up our minds whether to stay or push on. I don’t think we were very impressed on our last visit as we had seen the cathedral & convent so we decided not to go into the city centre. Instead we found a great big buffet restaurant next door to IKEA & treated ourselves to an eat -all-you-can late lunch. Only €13 each including a drink so better than all the menu Del dia lunch offers we have seen.

Only trouble is we were stuffed by the time we came out & it was a bit late to move on so we rested in the sunshine back by our motorhome for the rest of the afternoon. When I did get the energy to take a walk I discovered that there was a massive modern shopping centre just up the hill from us with a 14 screen cinema, big play areas & lots of big department stores & a supermarket. I made the mistake of telling Viv about it when I got back to her so I then had to take her back so she could see it all. By the evening it was buzzing with people & the many restaurants were doing well.

That took care of most of our evening so then we headed back to find our motorhome among the many rows nearby. No more food was necessary after the rather filling lunch so we settled down for the night well tired.

Mileage today - 77

Total Mileage - 3,198

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