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Polo horse

Polo horse

Polo horse

View of some of the stables

Farrier at work

Practising on the wooden horse

Polo equipment

Tree lined drive

Our horses and democrat



Keeping dry on the patio

Owner's home

Courtyard of Comunidad Amijai

Today we visited Puesto Viejo, a polo estancia (farm) about an hour outside Buenos Aires. It is a working ranch that offers polo lessons and hosts matches. The estancia has 6 full size polo pitches and stables for 220 horses. The resident professional, Julio gave us a tour and explained the origins of polo (originally from India) and the breeding of the horses. With current DNA technology, horses can be cloned to be identical, and many do look alike.

We visited several horses in their stalls and saw the farrier at work. His whole family is in the business and he was amazing to watch. The horse cooperated fully with his pedicure.

The more adventurous of the group tried some practise shots from the wooden horse, but we chose just to watch. After that they mounted the horses and set out for the field for more practise. We were given a ride around the ranch in a democrat and then went for a walk to see the players.

There are dogs everywhere, two of which followed us all over the ranch as we walked. Julio says Argentinians love their dogs and I agree, as we saw them all over Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately, it was a very rainy day. We decided to go home a bit early, after we were served a lovely lunch of empanadas, steak, potatoes, and salads.

On our ride home we had a full Argentinian driving experience. On the main highway there were several toll stops, where the 6 lane road spread out into about 15 booths, where drivers jockeyed for position. Once through the toll the road narrowed again and it was a free for all to see who could get out first.

Other things that seem to be optional for drivers here are stopping at stop signs, signalling, texting or talking on the phone, and yielding to pedestrians.

In the evening we attended a service at Comunidad Amijai, a conservative synagogue in the city. The service was entirely musical and many of the melodies were familiar to us.

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