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Car Park At Europa Point

Dam In Mountains Near Alora

Olive Orchards

Coffee Stop - When We Really Noticed The Wind

Mountain Road

Day 26 - Wed 5th Feb

The dust cart picking up rubbish right beside us at 6am brought the nights sleep to an end. The wind had got up a bit during the night & cleared the fog & there had been no calls to prayer from the nearby mosque so it hadn’t been too bad. But the sunshine had to end eventually & today it is dull & a bit colder. I chickened out of trying to drive down the West side of the Rock & through the city. The bus rides we took yesterday convinced me to go down the East side past the old Catchments & the Caleta Palace Hotel. We also passed the mini mountain of spoil that they have stockpiled down by the East beach area. We were told that they were originally going to build a new marina but the scheme was scrapped so they are left with this ugly mountain.

We filled up with diesel at 99p/ltr before crossing back into Spain. The border crossing was nice & easy without any delay thank goodness. We sometimes sat for hours in the border queue waiting to get out after work. We drove round the coast road out of La Linea along roads which have been greatly improved. We drove on to Estapona where we were going to look up a friend of a friend but it was a nightmare trying to find somewhere to park our motorhome. We gave up in the end as we kept seeing the same policemen as we went round & they gave us some funny looks.

It’s a horrible road along the coast from Estapona to Marbella, crazy drivers & crazy housing developments all along. We just kept pushing along till we stopped for lunch by the beach somewhere near Malaga. I changed our plans a bit from there, instead of continuing along the coast road I decided to head inland to a see if we could do the Caminito Del Rey walk up in the mountains North of Malaga. It’s a relatively short walk on a pathway bolted to the side of a cliff, supposed to be very spectacular. It used to be dangerous a few years ago & several people died before they improved the safety.

It was a nice idea that didn’t really work out too well. On the way there we had fun in the little hill town of Alora when we got stuck up a street that had been closed. With the great help of a local man we managed to reverse back down the hill & turn round & go off round the other side of the town to find an alternative route. We did find the starting place for the walk only to be told that the walk had been cancelled today because of the wind. Also they said that it was doubtful that the walk would be open tomorrow for the same reason.

Another plan change called for & we decided to carry on round the mountain roads looking for somewhere to stop for the night. We did stop for coffee at one picnic spot & realised how strong the wind was now blowing on this side of the mountain. We gave up on the walk & carried on to Antequera, a largish city on the road towards Grenada. The proper Aire parking beside the Sports Stadium was pretty full of motorhomes but quite a few were parked along the nearby streets so we slotted in between two & parked up for the night.

Mileage today - 150

Total Mileage - 2,955

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