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At The Hitching Rail On El Rocio

Sandy Roads

Donana Nature Park

The Beach At Chipiona

Day 24 - Mon 3rd Feb

Off again heading down towards Gibraltar. Sun again, it’s like mid summer these days. Temperature hit 76°F today as we had North for a few miles before we could turn East across towards the outskirts of Seville & then turn South. A bit of a bind but we were in the middle of the Donana Nature Park, a huge expanse of flat wetland with lots of bird & animal life. We saw signs warning of Lynx & a leopard type cat but we didn’t see any. We did see a dead cow in a field we passed.

As usual I took the scenic route avoiding motorways but this does tend to throw up the odd challenge along the way. Today our satnag took us through the very narrow streets of a small town along the way. It might have been alright but one of the cobbled streets was closed & we had all sorts of fun trying to get round. We ended up by having to go up a one way street the wrong way to get out waving to the old dears watching us.

We cut round to the South of Seville having spent a couple of days there before we didn’t fancy another big city. Then we turned back to the coast to a free overnight car park beside the beach just South of Chipiona to join even more motorhomes plus one UK caravan couple. Another lovely sandy beach with loads of shells. We walked a couple of miles looking for a few geocaches mainly to stretch our legs before Serling down for the night. Our daylight hours go from about 7.30am through to 7.30pm these days.

Mileage today - 136

Total Mileage - 2,681

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