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Tree Lined Road Along Coast

Night Stop In El Rocio

El Rocio Down By The Lake

El Rocio Church

Dancing In The Church Doorway

Ornate Altar

Day 23 - Sun 2nd Feb

Another glorious sunny & hot day, clear blue skies & temperature up in the 70s. Headed North through the nearby town, stopping to empty the waste water & toilet cassette in the Aire there before crossing the smart road bridge over the river & into Spain.

After cutting South around Huelva we headed down the road through a National Park area all down the coast. Lots of trees & loads of storks up on their high nests above power poles. There was a trail of geocaches all alongside the road on a cycle track with a cache every 1/10th of a mile. We did a stop & start to log the first dozen before we gave up & drove on to El Rocio for our night stop.

El Rocio is a lovely little town out in the middle of nowhere. We came here before on our 2014 trip & wanted to have another look. Last time we stayed on a camp site on the North of the town but this time we joined quite a few other motorhomes on a car park area nearer the middle. The sign at the entrance said something about no motorhomes at certain times but obviously nobody was taking any notice. There was even a police station to one side by the road & they weren’t stopping motorhomes so we felt safe enough to join the others here.

The town itself is known as the Wild West Town because it is a real horse town with sand roads throughout & hitching rails at all the bars, restaurants & most houses. We saw lots of horses plus several horse & carriages with trippers aboard. They even had quite a few small ponies in front of the church selling rides for children. There was a real carnival feel around the church & there were hundreds of people milling around at the bars & restaurants & walking round the great lake. It was a really lovely afternoon. We found out the next day that it had been a special Holy festival.

It explains why we came across one crowd at the doors of the church with a guy playing a guitar while two women were doing a flamenco dance & the crowd were singing & clapping. It seemed a bit irreligious at the time especially as there was a national lottery guy there selling lottery tickets. Even inside the church it lacked the usual quiet reverence one expects, with noisy people taking photos & selfies at the altar while the general noise was a bit excessive despite the sins dotted around requesting “Silencio”.

We enjoyed a coffee at a nearby cafe while we did some people watching the crowds.

Despite the rather rowdy afternoon we had a quiet night back at the motorhome trying to adjust back to Spanish time again, which is an hour ahead of Portugueses & English time.

Mileage today - 83

Total Mileage - 2,545

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