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Mount Shasta in all her glory!

It was foggy up in the mountains

This rest area sign made Zoey sad! She misses grass!

We left Corning, California at 0800 this morning. It was cold and clear. So clear that we forgot to clean the windshield from yesterday. So the pictures today may have small pieces of bugs in them. Sorry.

The traffic was pretty light with lots of trucks on the road with us. Going up over the mountains the road was dry at the beginning, and Lake Shasta was pretty full. We even had some sunshine for awhile, but as we got to the top of the Siskiyou's it got foggy. Not bad but its been awhile since we have seen fog.

In my vast frustration last night I forgot to tell you about my nightly Punjab experience. Last night it was not good. I had to call twice, and was losing my patience the second time around. Do you ever deal with technical people, and realize that you probably know more about their product than they do? I did last night. I knew what I needed Punjab to do, and all they wanted was the address of my location. You don't need the address, you just need the zip code. You don't need my receiver number or my smart card number. You have all my account info on the screen in front of you. Just ping my receiver. Why is this so hard for you? Anyway my experience tonight was ditto. Same drill different day. I think the first night they were just giving me a false sense of "Dish network" security. Always the optimist, it worked. I bit!

We stopped at the last rest area before you enter Oregon, the one by the Kalamth river. Its big and nice, and well taken care of. It had beautiful grass. Zoey ran straight for it! But alas, no pets were allowed on the grass. Poor Zoey, she was not amused. She misses grass.

It started raining a bit about 1500 today. Not a bad rain, just the type that messes up your windshield. Mixed with all those dead bugs it was pretty yucky until the windshield fluid kicked in.

Anyway we pulled into Guaranty's RV park at about 16:30. Tomorrow will be the big day of signing papers and technical turn overs concerning the new RV. There are lots of new systems to learn. Things have changed a lot in the 12+ years since we bought our last RV. Not sure if we will be moving in until Saturday. I probably won't sleep a wink tonight, so excited!

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