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Stopped at a Loves truck stop for fuel. Were in and out...

Rolling Hills casino RV park

It was pretty cold overnight in Bakersfield. Only 30 degrees when we got up this morning. So it was a heavy coat and gloves to take Miss Zoey out for her walk. She had already done all her business before she discovered that there was some nice green fresh grass up by the swimming pool. She stepped on it in awe...grass? You could see her face...I love grass! And I miss grass! Then we saw the sign that said "No dogs on the grass". Sorry Zoey, you're done now.

We were underway on Nuclear power at 0800. No wind is predicted for today, so that is a blessing. Yesterday was nasty. Especially in the San Bernardino area. The wind was blowing 40 mph! When we stopped to give Zoey a walk yesterday, Spike had to hold onto the door for me it was blowing so hard. Zoey was not bothered, maybe she is too low to the ground. As I waited for her to finish her business, a gust of wind made my hair stand totally on end. That was a first, for sure!

Anyway we were on Highway 99 today as it is shorter than I5. And we were pleasantly surprised as the road was pretty good, not as rough, or as crazy, as I5 through Sacramento. But going on 99 means you go through lots of little towns and see lots of interesting and boring businesses. We thought they should all put out signs that tell what their business's are, like they put the crop names on the fences in farming communities. The most interesting business that did advertise was "Teasdale authentic Mexican hominy". Gotta try that!

We arrived at Rolling hills Casino in Corning, California at about 16:30. We hunted for a fairly level spot, but even the 2 new rows of RV spots were not really very level.

Our trip through the passes tomorrow looks good. No rain is predicted. Thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow our final destination is Guarantee RV in Eugene Oregon. Our appointment for pick up of our new RV is on Friday! Yea!

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