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A dust storm ahead.

The wind farms are working. The wind is keeping the windshield clean,...

Is spring early? Tehatchapi pass is starting to get green already.

Palm springs is clear today, in case you were wondering!

We were up at 0600, and underway at little after 0800 this morning. Spike has been checking the weather and its supposed to be very windy today, so the earlier we get on the road, the better for traveling.

We are traveling lighter than usual today, and all those extra towels and throw pillows that we have are stuffed into cupboards to keep things from rattling. Noises and rattles are normal in RV's, but some are more irritating than others. Two that are always present in ours is the door latch, and the screen door. This morning it was cold, 38 degrees, and the door was cold and noisy. Once the day warmed up and Spike bathed it in Vaseline, it got better. We were chatting and saying how we will have to get used to a whole set of new rattles and noises in the new RV.

I thought I was being smart by being prepped for the California fruit & veggies inspection. Usually they are concerned about citrus. So when I bought a couple of lemons, I made sure there were stickers on them, as I know they don't like home grown fruit. So we get up to the booth and they ask about fruit. We said yes, we have lemons and apples with stickers. She wanted to see them so I presented them, and she took the lemons, even though they had stickers, rats! So no citrus at all!

The wind was very nasty today. Especially going over Cajon pass. It was a white knuckle trip in places, but Spike is a good driver and we made it through. Thanks be to God for His protection over us.

We gained an hour going into California, so we arrived at Orange grove RV park at 15:30. We were glad to be parked. And yes, the oranges are ready (they let you pick some oranges when you stay there) but the choices are pretty lean. Everything is already picked over.

Then I got to call my buddy Punjab at Dish network. And guess what? We got our locals channels the first time. That is awesome!

It will be very cold here tonight. Down as low as 25 degrees they say. But no precipitation is in the forecast, thankfully. So tomorrow our final destination will be Corning, California. Thank you for all your prayers today, we can feel them and never take them for granted.

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